In order for one to operate a Fletcher, much physical fitness training will be required. I use a cross training method that I developed for myself. I find fitness training more fun and rewarding when I incorporate the activities most interesting to me. I do weight training almost every other day. In my weight session I do all the major muscles in my body, from head to toe. On the following days I rollerblade, mountain bike, cross-country ski or jog for at least an hour. Tailor a routine with your own interests.
This is the long arm swing walk. This is the first part of the weight routine. It is important to slowly warm up your neck and shoulder muscles, as well as, all your muscles. I do at least fifteen minutes at 3.0 to 4.0 miles per hour. Keep your head up and feel your muscles get warm.       .
It is important to keep up on cardiovascular conditioning.This helps keep your weight down and endurance up.
Wear protective gear. I always use eye protection when I do fast moving exercises. Glasses or goggles keep the constant wind from drying your eyes out. I am wearing gloves to protect my hands from falls and for the pressure on my wrists because of my weight on the handlebars.
Denise Leopoldino is our Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She has helped develop and customize The Aerosapiens Fitness for Flying Program.  Some of these exercises are out of the ordinary and appear to be unorthodox. One must check with their Dr. before attempting any fitness program.  Denise says, "Remember, start slowly to prevent any hindering injuries from too rapid or aggressive an exercise routine". Sooo..... Let's get started!!!!
Do any stretch routine that you like or are familiar with. I hear it is important to stretch only warm muscles. This is why now is the time to stretch during your workout routine.
After stretching I do two sets of 50 to 75 Jumping Jacks.         Sometimes I do the Jumping Jacks before stretching.
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This exercise I call NECK UPS.These are important in warming up those easy to injure muscles of your neck. I do 50 reps. in four prone positions. 1. Left side. 2. Right side. 3. On stomach. 4. On back.